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What are the benefits of biodiesel?

sustainable racing car biodiesel formula wallpaper friendly monitor desktop vehicles 13890 272x125 - What are the benefits of biodiesel?

What are the benefits of biodiesel? 1. Biodiesel works on all conventional, unmodified diesel engines. There is no need for any engine modification and “engine conversion” to use the biodiesel. In other words, it is enough to “put it in a biodiesel fuel tank”. 2. Biodiesel can be stored everywhere the petroleum diesel is stored. All diesel-fueled infrastructures, including pumps, …

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What is Biodiesel?

bk 48 272x125 - What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a product obtained by converting organic oils with diesel fuel by mixing with base and alcohol. Biodiesel is a fuel that can be used in all diesel engines made from vegetable oil and not modified. Rape (canola) is a product which is collected from oil seed plants such as sunflower, soybean, and aspirin and which is used as …

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What is Wave, Tide and Current Energy?

dalga enerjisi 1024x648 272x125 - What is Wave, Tide and Current Energy?

Energy from the Sea The oceans and seas, which make up a large part like 3/4 of our earth sphere, generously meet the various needs of the human for centuries. The research that they have done with the love of discovering new things has actually shown that the waves are invaluable energy sources. What is Wave, Tide and Current Energy? …

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Keban Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant

elazigkebanbaraji26891 272x125 - Keban Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant

Keban Dam is a hydroelectric power plant built on the Euphrates River in the Keban district of Elazığ province for the purpose of generating electricity from 1965 to 1975. The total weight of the dam is 16,679,000 m³, the height of the river bed is 210,00 m, the lake volume at normal water level is 31,000,00 hm³ and the lake …

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Karakaya Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant

KarakayaBaraji 6 272x125 - Karakaya Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant

Karakaya Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant The Karakaya Dam is a hydroelectric power plant built between 1976 and 1987 in order to supply electricity as part of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), built on the Euphrates River within the boundaries of the Çüngüş county of Diyarbakır province. Despite the fact that the construction of the dam resulted in the evacuation …

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Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant

ataturk baraji1 272x125 - Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant

Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant The Ataturk Dam is located between Şanlı Urfa and Adıyaman cities on the Euphrates River, 24 km away from the city of Şanlı Urfa, Bozova province. It is used for energy and irrigation purposes. The Southeastern Anatolia Project, known as the GAP project, is one of the biggest projects that Turkey has ever dreamed …

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What are the hydroelectric power plants in Turkey?

trdeki santraller 272x125 - What are the hydroelectric power plants in Turkey?

What are Hydroelectric Power Plants located in Turkey? Electricity Generation Inc. (EUAS), 47,54% of the total installed power of 23,873,7 MW in Turkey is hydroelectric power plants, 35,57% of 70,233,242 MWh of electricity generated by the end of September 2007 24.982.156 MWh electric energy is produced from hydroelectric power plants. Again there are 106 hydroelectric power plants established according to …

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What is a hydroelectric power plant?

guris hes hidroelektrik santral sarikavak hes 272x125 - What is a hydroelectric power plant?

Hydroelectric power plants (HEPPs) are man-made energy-generating plants that convert the power of running water into electricity. The amount of energy in flowing water determines the flow or decay rate of water. The water flowing in a large river carries a large amount of energy and this energy is converted into electricity by proper use and hydroelectric power plants. Or, …

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What is Hydroelectric Energy?

P1000681 272x125 - What is Hydroelectric Energy?

The use of sustainable energy for a conscious world order, which is increasingly prevalent in the use of renewable energy resources, and the search for these energy systems are increasingly important day by day. Hydroelectric energy uses electric energy of flowing and rational flowing water to obtain electricity energy. The process of generating electric energy using hydroelectric energy is based …

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What is the wind energy?

ruzgarenerjisi 222 272x125 - What is the wind energy?

What you need to know before knowing what Wind Energy is is winds of certainty. Without understanding what the wind is, it is quite difficult to understand the system of generating energy with the help of wind, that is, the wind energy system. With this field of research and engineering studies done for years, we can produce electricity from wind …

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Why Solar Energy?

güneş tarlası 49 272x125 - Why Solar Energy?

Today, Solar Energy has started to feel itself gradually in our lives with increasing day-to-day use possibilities and usage advantages. But why should we use solar energy and what are the advantages? Before we talk about the advantages of solar energy in terms of materials, we would like to give you some information about this. All the energy sources that …

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Reasons why solar energy is not used!

1250529419 272x125 - Reasons why solar energy is not used!

We have mentioned many of the advantages of solar energy systems in our writing, but nowadays, there are reasons and reasons for the low application areas of solar energy. For these reasons If we mention: A) One of the major problems of solar energy is the storage problem and it is necessary to store this energy so that the solar …

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What is Solar Energy?

gezegen1 272x125 - What is Solar Energy?

What is Solar Energy? Solar energy is the most efficient of the renewable energy sources. The solar energy is actually solar energy. Solar energy is among the most searched and developed energy sources in recent years. It is a star that energizes planes such as the sun, mercury, mars, earth, jupiter, venus, and is a source of energy. All the …

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What is Renewable Energy?

yenilenebilir enerji artik daha ucuz3b10a13b1e778b169a2f 272x125 - What is Renewable Energy?

What is Renewable Energy? Renewable energy and resources are called energy, which is derived from the existing energy flow in the natural processes that continue uninterruptedly. These sources can be listed as sunlight, winds, running water (hydrographic or hydrocantral), biological processes and geothermal energy. To explain the renewable energy source in general; (See “What is solar energy ?, geothermal energy“), …

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What is Wind Energy?

wind turbines1 272x125 - What is Wind Energy?

With wind energy from renewable and sustainable sources of energy, you can produce energy to illuminate your own home. Even the concept of the importance of many large and renewable energy sources provides electricity to the cities of nature friendly countries thanks to wind energy. What is Wind Energy? In the sense of wind energy, kinetic energy in the wind …

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What is Geothermal Energy?

background 1 272x125 - What is Geothermal Energy?

What is Geothermal Energy?      Another source of renewable energy is geothermal energy (geo means ‘place’, meaning ‘heat’ means thermal), hot water, steam and gas containing chemicals, which is formed by the heat, ie the temperature, accumulated in various regions and depths of the earth’s crust. Geothermal energy also includes exploitation and exploitation of these geothermal resources or sources …

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Whas is Biofuels? – Biomass Energy

141965166 594x330 272x125 - Whas is Biofuels? - Biomass Energy

Biofuels In today’s world of rapid global warming, various projects are being carried out in the world to meet the growing need for energy, and they have discovered renewable energy biofuels that can be obtained with completely natural methods, which can create a new world order after scientists’ long struggle. They have made it advantageous for countries with high agricultural …

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Jeotermal Enerji

Jeotermal Enerji 310x165 - Jeotermal Enerji

Jeotermal Enerji Jeotermal kelimesinin kökeni Yunanca geo(dünya) ve termal(ısı) kelimelerinin bir araya gelmesinden oluşmaktadır. Jeotermal enerji aslında dünyanın alt katmanlarında bulunmakta olan ve son derece önemli bir yenilenebilir enerji kaynağı olarak kabul edilmekte olan bir çeşit termal enerjidir. Bu enerji kaynağı yüzlerce yıldır su ve yeryüzü ısıtmasında, tıbbi amaçlı tedavilerde ya da pişirme amaçlarıyla kullanılmaktadır. Jeotermal enerjinin aslında bilimsel olarak …

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Kadıncık 1 Hidroelektrik Enerji Santrali – HES

Kadincik1 Hes 310x165 - Kadıncık 1 Hidroelektrik Enerji Santrali – HES

Kadıncık 1 Hidroelektrik Santrali – HES Mersin’de yer alan Kadıncık 1 Hidroelektrik Santrali – HES; 70 MW kurulu gücü ile aşağı yukarı 71.372 bireyin tüm elektrik enerjisi ihtiyacını karşılamaktadır. Kadıncık 1 Hidroelektrik Enerji Santrali – HES Mersin’e bağlı olan Tarsus ilçesinde bulunan Meşelik Köyü mevkiinde, Kadıncık Suyu üzerinde kuruludur. Kamuya ait olan Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. (EÜAŞ) aracılığıyla işletilmekte olan hidroelektrik …

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Bitmeyen Pil Geliştirildi!

bitmeyen batarya 310x165 - Bitmeyen Pil Geliştirildi!

Kaliforniya’da Irvine Üniversitesi’nde görev yapan araştırmacılar, lityum-iyon pillere nazaran çok daha fazla uzun pil ömrü sağlayabilecek oldukça yeni bir keşifte bulundular. Öncelikle bitmeyen pil dediğimizde anlayacağınız kesinlikle bir şarjla yıllarca kullanılabilen bataryalar olmasın. Geliştirilen bu yeni bataryalar yani piller üzerinde detaylı ve geniş incelemeler yapan Kaliforniya Irvine Üniversitesi’nin araştırmacıları pil ömrünü fazlasıyla yüksek seviyelere çıkartacak olan çok yeni bir buluşa imza attılar. Nano teknolojik özel …

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NASA’dan Solar Enerjili Uzay Aracı Motorları

nasa dan solar enerjili uzay araci motorlarina dev yatirim 310x165 - NASA'dan Solar Enerjili Uzay Aracı Motorları

NASA’dan Solar Enerjili Uzay Aracı Motorları NASA, solar enerjinin yani anlayabileceğimiz manada güneş enerjisinin avantajlarından faydalanarak derin uzay araştırmalarına yönelik mühim bir projeye yatırım yapıyor. Enerji kaynakları olarak insanoğlu uzunca bir süredir petrol, kömür gibi çevreye ve doğaya son derece zarar veren enerji kaynaklarını tüketmekte. Fakat, bilhassa son zamanlarda farklı alanlarda kullanımı giderek yaygınlaşan solar başka bir deyişle güneş enerjili …

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