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Whas is Biofuels? – Biomass Energy

Whas is Biofuels? – Biomass Energy


In today’s world of rapid global warming, various projects are being carried out in the world to meet the growing need for energy, and they have discovered renewable energy biofuels that can be obtained with completely natural methods, which can create a new world order after scientists’ long struggle.

They have made it advantageous for countries with high agricultural potential; Bioethanol, biogas (biogas) and biodiesel (biodiesel) have created new opportunities. The biomass energy from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydraulic energy, hydrogen energy, geothermal energy has a great potential.

Biomass energy

Biomass energy, which is renewable, a source of energy that can be grown everywhere as long as the natural conditions permit, which can be transformed into environmentally friendly, diverse forms of energy that provide socio-economic development and enable waste to be evaluated; Biomass, biophotolysis, fermentation, pyrolysis, gasification, carbonization, esterification, carbon and hydrogen rich, high thermal value, easily transportable and storable, alternative energy can be converted.

If biomass raw materials are considered to be used for forest products, oil seeds, carbohydrates, fiber plants, vegetal residues and wastes, animal wastes, urban and industrial wastes, the magnitude of potential is striking. In the country, 150 billion tons of biomass is produced every year, only 10% of this large amount is commercially converted.

What is Biomass Energy?

The most familiar forms of renewable energy are wind and sun for many people. However, “biomass” is the oldest source of renewable energy ever since our athletes learned the secret of fire.

Rapidly growing population and industrialization brought with it the need for energy. Biomass energy is at the top of the resources that can be used to sustain the energy without causing environmental pollution.

Since biomass energy is an inexhaustible source, it is seen as an appropriate and important source of energy because it can be obtained everywhere, especially for rural areas.

For biomass, sources of specially grown plants such as corn, wheat, herbs, algae, algae in the sea, animal feces, fertilizer and industrial waste, all organic garbage (fruit and vegetable residues) taken from houses. The use of biomass due to the limited availability of energy sources such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas, and their environmental pollution, is becoming increasingly important to solve the energy problem.

The biomass, which emerges as the root of plants and living organisms, is often referred to as plant organisms that store solar energy with the help of photosynthesis. Biomass can also be defined as the total mass of a living organism belonging to a species or a collection of various species at a given time.

When organic matter, which is a source of energy through photosynthesis, is synthesized, the oxygen required for the respiration of all living things is given to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, which is produced as a result of the burning of the produced organic substances, will be preserved in terms of the environment and CO2 emissions during biomass energy generation, since these substances were previously taken from the atmosphere during the formation of these substances. Plants are not only food sources but also environmentally friendly energy sources.

The fossil fuels formed by millions of years of plants remaining under the soil carry the same characteristics as the biomass described above, but they are replaced by the underground temperature and pressure, and when they are burned, they release many harmful substances into the air. Moreover, the burning of this accumulation of millions of years in a short time leads to a deterioration of the carbon dioxide balance in the air, which causes global warming.

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