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What is Wave, Tide and Current Energy?

What is Wave, Tide and Current Energy?

Energy from the Sea

The oceans and seas, which make up a large part like 3/4 of our earth sphere, generously meet the various needs of the human for centuries. The research that they have done with the love of discovering new things has actually shown that the waves are invaluable energy sources.

What is Wave, Tide and Current Energy?

Did you know that the oceans and seas have the potential to provide enough energy to the world? As a result of the researches of scientists, there are many different methods currently used to acquire energy from the oceans and seas. These are mainly Ocean, Thermal and Energy Transformation (OIED) systems, which utilize wave, tide and current energy and the temperature and depth of the deep and shallow parts of the oceans and seas. Most of these systems are in trial phase. The different warmings of the earth and the waters around the earth cause the winds to form on the surface of the sea and the waves form. The power in the waves is determined by the wave motility, the wavelength and the water density. The wave height depends on the speed of the wind blowing, the time of the wind blowing, the distance of the escaping wind to the water, and the depth of the water. Generally, stronger energy is obtained than in bigger waves. The first studies on this subject were made by A.S. Stahl in 1892. Today, there are various studies on this subject. All systems that obtain energy from the waves are located near the sea surface or near the sea surface. These systems may differ depending on the direction in which the surgeon arrives, perpendicular or parallel, and the energy conversion modes. Turkey’s wave potential is projected to be 140 billion kWh per year. If we think that Turkey produces 120 billion kW of electricity per year, it is predicted that Turkey with potential of wave energy will meet its electricity demand. But due to problems such as the high power of the waves, they can move at low speeds and in different directions, the high cost of structures that can withstand storms and salt water, the high installation and maintenance costs, the wave energy hand is not widely used commercially at this time. In our country, 8200 km.When considering reasons such as tourism, military fields and fishing, it is only suitable for 1/5 use of our country seas and this amount constitutes a great energy potential for our country.In addition to this, efforts to obtain electricity by wave energy in Turkey In the scope of the project on Electricity Generation by Wave Energy initiated on 15.02.2008 in cooperation with the National Boron Research Institute (BOREN) and Turkish Electromechanical Industry Inc. (TEMSAN), the vertical movement of the waves in the sea A prototype system was established in Sakarya Karasu in 2009. On average, 5 kW hours of energy is generated per day.

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