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Why Solar Energy?

Why Solar Energy?

Today, Solar Energy has started to feel itself gradually in our lives with increasing day-to-day use possibilities and usage advantages. But why should we use solar energy and what are the advantages?

Before we talk about the advantages of solar energy in terms of materials, we would like to give you some information about this. All the energy sources that you can think of in our world are derived from the sun and are still derived from the sun. Thanks to solar energy, fossil fuels, wind energy and many more energy fields are used today. However, the increase in the use of fossil fuels (oil, coal, etc.) causes these resources to be consumed rapidly at the same time. With the development of new energy source searching technology, human son can now heat homes and generate electricity with solar energy that he has worshiped for some time.

Solar Energy has many advantages over other types of renewable energies. Solar energy has a lot of advantages in both production cost and long life. If we were to list the advantages of solar energy;

1) No complicated technology is needed.
2) Local applications are convenient.
3) Operating costs are very low.
4) Clean energy type.
5) It can be used in many countries.
6) It is the source of unexplained energy.
7) It is not affected by the natural crises.
8) Solar energy has no harmful residues such as gas, smoke, sulfur or radiation.

Because energy can be used and used in the required area, there are no energy transfer problems and it is cheap enough to have no cost.

What are the “solar energies” we think of as subjects you might be curious about? And “why solar energy is not used“.

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