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Reasons why solar energy is not used!

Reasons why solar energy is not used!

We have mentioned many of the advantages of solar energy systems in our writing, but nowadays, there are reasons and reasons for the low application areas of solar energy. For these reasons
If we mention:

A) One of the major problems of solar energy is the storage problem and it is necessary to store this energy so that the solar rays coming from the unit surface will not be continuous.

B) In the winter months when the nights are long and the energy needs are high, the sun’s rays are low and the nights are not at all. This can be a disadvantage,

C) The initial investment costs of many public, institutions and organizations that want to benefit from solar energy, or a lot of installations that individuals want to benefit from solar energy, are more than good for now. It is not economical enough for Shan.

Since today’s interest in oil is high enough and because the day-to-day decline of oil resources raises oil prices, solar energy is becoming increasingly attractive, and the number of systems utilizing solar energy is increasing day by day. In Turkey, solar energy systems and these systems are being newly developed and explored. Especially after the 1973 energy crisis, our country has more work about solar energy and after 1975, solar energy and hot water supply systems became widespread. Currently, there is a company that manufactures over a hundred solar collectors. There are lots of solar powered hot water systems in our south and west coasts.

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