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What is Solar Energy?

What is Solar Energy?

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the most efficient of the renewable energy sources. The solar energy is actually solar energy. Solar energy is among the most searched and developed energy sources in recent years. It is a star that energizes planes such as the sun, mercury, mars, earth, jupiter, venus, and is a source of energy.

All the deceivers, people, animals and people living in our world need the sun. For example plants use solar energy to produce living tissue and photosynthesis. During the summer days, the wind, which refreshes us and allows the pollen of flowers to disperse and inseminate, comes about because the sun’s rays produce a temperature difference. It is also solar energy that comes from plants and animal wastes to coal and oil fields. solar energy

Even though the sun has illuminated the earth for centuries, it is quite new to start benefiting from this great and wonderful energy. Archimedes (Archimedes) (267 BC) allegedly illuminates the ships surrounding Siracusa by focusing on solar energy with concave mirrors. The work on the subject of solar energy increased in 1600 when Galile found a lens. For the first time in France, Belidor (1725) built a solar-powered pump. In 1860, with the help of parabolic mirrors, Mouchot made a small steam machine, focusing on the sun’s rays. For the first time, Ericson has developed an air-driven machine that works with solar energy in 1868. In these years, work on solar energy has been intensified, and a lot of work has been done on fresh water acquisition and solar cookers. Adams cooked seven soldiers’ food in India for two hours in January, the coldest month, with a conical reflective solar oven. In 1913, Shuman and Boys built a steam generator with the help of parabolic mirrors, and from that they used an irrigation pump of 50 HP, which draws water from the Nile River.

The work on solar energy has remained at the research level with the importance of petroleum in World War I and later. The importance of solar energy began mostly with the world energy crisis of 1973. Increasing oil prices have increased the work on new resources, especially solar energy, which has been the most studied subject.

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