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What are the benefits of biodiesel?

What are the benefits of biodiesel?

What are the benefits of biodiesel?

1. Biodiesel works on all conventional, unmodified diesel engines. There is no need for any engine modification and “engine conversion” to use the biodiesel. In other words, it is enough to “put it in a biodiesel fuel tank”.

2. Biodiesel can be stored everywhere the petroleum diesel is stored. All diesel-fueled infrastructures, including pumps, warehouses and transport vehicles, can use biodiesel without any change.

3. Reduce emissions of Carbon Dioxide, which is the main cause of the Biodiesel Greenhouse Effect, by 100%. Since biodiesel comes from plants and plants use carbon dioxide respiration, the effect of carbon dioxide is reduced by using biodiesel.

4. Biodiesel can be used alone or in combination with petroleum diesel fuel. Biodiesel is called “B20” for a mixture of 20% diesel fuel and “B5” for a mixture of 5% and is named accordingly.

5. Biodiesel is even more lubricant than normal diesel fuel and can be used to increase the life of the engine, as well as to replace the sulfur-oxidizing sulfur-producing unit, which is the main component of acid rain – when it burns. All diesel fuels sold in France use 5% biodiesel instead of sulphide.

6. The use of biodiesel is safe because it is biodegradable and non-toxic. According to the International Biodiesel Board, “clean biodiesel is as easily separated as sugar, less poison from the salt.”

7. Transporting biodiesel is safer. The biodiesel has a high ignition point or ignition temperature of about 300 ° F. If petroleum is in the diesel, this extinguishing point is 125 F.

8. Biodiesel engines run smoothly and the fuel consumed at the kilometer is similar to diesel engines. Vehicle starting, ignition, power output, engine torque are not significantly affected by biodiesel.

9. There is a pleasant smell similar to the bloom of corn in biodiesel instead of the smell of all the fumes from the oil-lined fuels.

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